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Description: The Microsoft Certified Application Specialist program is the only comprehensive, performance-based certification program approved by Microsoft to validate business computer skills using Microsoft Windows Vista® and Microsoft Office® 2007 productivity software: Excel, Word, Power Point, Access, and Outlook.

The Beginning Guide to Microsoft Excel 2007 demonstrates: Format font styles (size, color, and styles), Apply number formats (currency, percent), Format borders and shading, Use AutoSum, Insert and delete rows or columns, Hide and unhide rows and columns, Set up headers and footers, Use Functions: Average and IF, Enter text, dates and numbers, Use AutoFill, Use the Chart Wizard.


The Intermediate Guide to Microsoft Excel 2007 teaches: Conditional Formatting, Merge and Center Cells, Create form controls, Rename a worksheet, Copy or Move worksheets, Link worksheets and consolidate data, Use References, Work with Scenarios, Use Goal Seek, Use the Auditing Toolbar to trace errors.


The Advanced Guide to Microsoft Excel 2007 demonstrates how to name and manage ranges, copy or move worksheets, link worksheets and consolidate data, work with Scenarios, use Goal Seek, use the Auditing Toolbar to trace errors, create a grand total from several spreadsheets, understand Absolute and Relative References, analyze data with a PivotTable, filter the data, create Subtotals, Group and Outline data, and use the Logical, Lookup, Math and Text Functions.

Exam 77-602: Using Microsoft® Office Excel 2007

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